Many businesses are looking at areas where they can rein in costs and cut back on expenditure.  The Events and Marketing departments are usually the first casualties in these budgets cuts.  Our guest blogger Hayley Mason, from ETCH EVENTS, is here to remind you that a well branded, high quality event is just what you may need to get people talking about your business.   



Its called investing in your future clients.

Those who have been able to accept the upfront costs of hosting corporate events are well and truly ahead of the game. Events do cost money, and exceptional events cost even more but in reality you are almost 100% guaranteed to recoup and prosper.

It may not be as instant as charging an entry fee and making a profit on ticket sales. However, if done correctly within the next six to twelve months you will start seeing the returns.

Not convinced? Below we’ve highlighted three of the key reasons why we believe it’s true.

The Feel Good Factor

We all enjoy having a good time. Some enjoy the perks of meeting new people, some the free food, the speaker content, the goodie bags and most often than not it’s the free drinks that will win a crowd. If you can create an opportunity to have the right people at the right place having a good time, it’s going to be a memory that sticks. A good memory at that.. with your brand on it.

Good vs. Ugly

There is a difference between the good and bad events. The good ones we might tell a few friends about the following day, the bad ones we will talk to everyone about for the next week or more! If you are going to put on an event it is crucial that you understand your purpose and execute it well.

Word Spreads

If a client (or potential client) has a good time at your event they will tell someone about it and without much effort at all that’s double the number of attendees who instantly feel good about your brand (more often than not they will tweet about it and then we are beyond tripling the effect).

Being the feel good humans that we are, it really is that simple. Create an opportunity, put your best foot forward (with your brand all over it) and let your guests do the talking! They will either be back to purchase your product/service when they need it or at the very least they will be sending their friends to. Either way an event equals sales and it is possibly one of the best marketing platforms yet.